Can Gri is only half an hour from the airport by car!
Take the motorway in the direction of Palma, then, follow the signs for Via Cintura/Andratx until the Sóller exit (short exit ramp!).

Now follow the road that leads directly to the Sóller tunnel. The route over the mountain pass is beautiful and toll-free, but is also long and winding.

Upon arriving in Sóller, go all the way around the roundabout (going back the way you came), and drive 25 m in the opposite direction. Pay attention here; immediately after the row of houses on the right-hand side, turn right onto a narrow, steep road. Follow this road up the hill, and stay to your left at the first fork in the road, and to the right at the second fork in the road (Cami ca ses Curiales). The first house is Can Gri. The large dark-grey sliding door is the garage.